April 23, 2023

Deeper UK – Grand Finale – Who is Jesus, Who are you?

Deeper UK – Grand Finale – Who is Jesus, Who are you?

By the revelation of Jesus Christ, we come to an awareness of who we are. The moment Peter correctly identified Jesus, he found his own identity (Matt. 16: 13-18).

“There is an identity you’ll only find in God because He is the center of your life”

In an exceedingly profound sermon titled ‘Who is Jesus, and Who Are We?’

The true identity of a believer goes beyond the ‘Christian’ tag—DOULOS; the distinction between Doulos and the modern definition of ‘Slave’; and the believer’s responsibility as one bought with a price.

The believer is both a son and ‘Doulos’ (slave/servant) to God. Paul in his spiritual consciousness repeatedly introduced himself as a slave of God (Phil. 1:1) even though the term carries a manifestly negative connotation. Why?

1. As believers we were bought with a price (1 Corinth. 6:19)
2. Our ultimate goal becomes pleasing God (Gal. 1:10)

However, there are stark differences between the contemporary and Biblical definitions of a slave — as well as there are similarities.

In more modern days, slavery:
* involves kidnapping (against Exodus 21:16)
* is based on racial discrimination (against Lev. 19:33-34)
* involves sexual harassment of women (against Deut. 22:25)
* entails being bound and overworked

Contrary to the aforementioned, a slave in Biblical context was entitled to a day off a week (Ex. 23:12) had special holidays (Lev. 23:7; Deut. 10:17) and special treatments by guideline (Ex. 21:20-26)

Who then are slaves in the Bible?

* debtors who couldn’t pay back
* Stealing could make one a slave (Ex. 22:1)
* a poor person could wilfully surrender himself to work for a master (Deut. 15:11)

Conclusively, God’s rules are non-negotiable, Christ’s sacrifice bestows upon us a responsibility to no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who died for us! (2 Corinthians 5:15)

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