March 6, 2021

Deeper – Praying By The Spirit III – Maranatha

Deeper – Praying By The Spirit III – Maranatha

The Supply Of The Spirit

Many Christians load their guns but cannot aim to shoot! Exodus 35:21

The power you have will remain dormant until you have the power to stir it.
Protocols are different in different kingdoms.

If you don’t brag about what you have, you won’t see power in your life. If you don’t say what you have, you can’t see what you have. Isaiah 11:2 Luke 4:18
You must learn to talk big about what God has done in your life. When I confess what I have I open the tap. God is loud about the grace on your life.

Faith is different from the supply of the spirit. When it comes to the supply of the spirit timing and direction bring EASE. Go with the flow of the spirit. The manifestations in your life will increase if you go with the supply.
Follow the stir!
Learn to go with the flow of the spirit!!

• Third point on how the Spirit helps us pray- The Spirit Helps us cry Maranatha.
Mara means Oh Lord
Natha means Come
Eph 2:1
Spirit groans cannot be uttered. (Rom 8:34)
Christ is coming again Soon !!
The Holy Spirit helps us anticipate better what is coming and filling in for now.

In conclusion,

What is God’s passion on the earth? Romans 8:17
That’s how to wait right for the coming of Jesus.
At every time, you must be purposeful about his mission on earth.
You wait by working. Stop thinking like a baby Christian.
Let everything that concerns you cry Maranatha!

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