April 17, 2021

Deeper Ibadan – In View Of The Mercies Of God – Consecration

Deeper Ibadan – In View Of The Mercies Of God – Consecration

In view of the mercies of God- Consecration

The intelligence of a design is proof of an intelligent creator.
The message of Grace doesn’t make us careless about how we handle our bodies. It makes us particular about it.

In Rom 12:1, Paul makes a passionate plea to the Saints to be devoted to reasonable service. This means that there is a difference between Service and Reasonable Service.

In Christ was the message of reconciliation, in us is the announcement of this reconciliation. – 2Cor 5:17-20

*Purpose is that one thing at which you must succeed otherwise nothing else that you succeed at will matter.
When you see God, whatever will not come up in your conversation is NOT your purpose.

Purpose is NOT unique. There are different brands of phones but all of them must be able to make and receive calls, that’s the purpose of their creation.
If it is unique, it’s not your purpose.

*It takes a level of intensity to get the work of Evangelism done. There is fire and there is FIRE. Catch FIRE!

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