May 1, 2023

Deeper Ago – Morning – Manifesting The Presence of God

Deeper Ago – Morning – Manifesting The Presence of God

Manifesting The Presence of God
Apostle Emmanuel Iren

The Bible with regard to the presence of God is context specific.

– The Omnipresence of God refers to God being everywhere at once (Psalm 139:7-8NKJV)

– The omnipresence of God keeps us accountable

– The omnipresence of God applies to all men and creatures while the indwelling presence of God applies only to those who believe in Jesus (John 14:23) As believers He has made us His temple and dwelling place.

Even though God is everywhere at once He doesn’t manifest everywhere. There is a training required to manifest the presence of God.

God’s answer to every need of man is the presence.
God doesn’t need to break chains.
Chains break off on their own in the presence of God. (Acts 12 :7 )
God doesn’t recognize limitations. Jesus went where no one will go in Matt 8:28 There is a level of authority that empowers you to go where no one can go.
Learn to be conscious of the manifest presence of God

If you have the in dwelling presence of God you can stir up the manifest presence of God. It takes consciousness.
You must lose satisfaction with the ordinary life.

How to manifest the presence of God
▪️By Knowledge- Have a reorientation of your understanding. This will change your expectations.
▪️Doing God’s work-Spiritual gifts get stronger with use. If you don’t use it you won’t grow in it even if you have it.
▪️Demonstration – You will never see the power that you are not ready to demonstrate. Learn to put power to test with confidence. Don’t play it safe
Talk back at the devil. Our words are not cheap.

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