May 5, 2021

Deeper Abuja – What To Do with Miracles

Deeper Abuja – What To Do with Miracles

WHAT TO DO WITH MIRACLES What did the miracles in Jesus’ ministry do?

1. They proved that he was approved of God. Acts 2:22 2.

They proved the compassion of God. Mk 1:40-4, Matt 14:14 3. They are a symbolic demonstration of spiritual restoration. They were proof that Jesus was capable to save men. Lk 4:18, Isa 53:5 Often, we miss the real intent for the miracles Jesus performed; there’s a spiritual purpose for every miracle, it’s definitely not for self-preservation.

For example, Jesus raising Lazarus was a demonstration that he’ll raise us all on the resurrection morning. John 11:25, John 9:1,35-41 The purpose of miracles is to redirect the attention of people to the real message. Miracles are designed for evangelism. Don’t get carried away! Act 1:8 God was using miracles to lure the children of Israel into a relationship with him, yet they didn’t get it. Exo 15:24-25, 16:3-4

In our kingdom, the ‘WHAT’ is not as important as the ‘WHY’. In a generation that is easily impressed, it is not the crowd that moves God; souls must remain our focus.

A mature believer sees the message God is trying to portray with every miracle. John 6:31-32, 2:23-24

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