May 19, 2021

Deeper Abuja – Healing Service

Deeper Abuja – Healing Service

There is a charismatic justification for the divine presence; it is proof of the divine acceptance of God.

There is also the charismatic implication for the presence; if God is with us, there will be signs to show for it. And God is in fact in us, so we walk in the miraculous. John 3:1-2,Lk 1:37, 1:17-19 Different atmospheres carry different opportunities and in the atmosphere of Jesus, there are no impossibilities.

Have the God kind of faith; with it, if you say a thing, it shall come to pass, you do what God does because you are functioning in his name. In this realm, mountains move! No challenge is insurmountable.

Mark 11:1-23 With men, there are impossibilities, but with God, nothing shall be impossible. Impossibility is context-specific. The divine presence makes the impossible possible and you carry God on your inside. Have faith!

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