February 7, 2021

Dating Code

Dating Code

#LoveCode 1
Matthew 1:19 Every relationship begins with one person and that’s who you really are!!

#LoveCode 2
Feelings are a scam col 3:2 Feelings are feeble therefore love gives chance to walk away. Relationships are not built on feelings and it’s important to know that it is a decision to make.

#LoveCode 3
Love is a Choice….. you shouldn’t fix yourself I’m a relationship surrounded by circumstances.

MISTAKES PEOPLE Make while choosing
1. Low Expectations
2. Unrealistic expectations: endeavor to look extremely beyond the present appearance!!
3. Wrong counsel: Getting counsels from the wrong hands make people chose wrong.

#LoveCode 4
CHOOSE WITH GOD, you should build your life on principles and not expectations. Knowing that you are with your spouse for a purpose.

#LoveCode 5
Dating is not a Hobby.

#LoveCode 6
Marriage does not change people, do not ignore the Red Flags 🚩.

#LoveCode 7
Love is Visionary Gen 28: Discern what God will have you do regarding your relationship. God should be involved all round.

#LoveCode 8
Sex was God’s idea, waiting for God’s timing. Eph 5:3. A person who doesn’t understand fornicate won’t understand adultery.

#LoveCode 9
Build Friendship, support, forgive and communicate.

#LoveCode 10
Love is a fruit of the spirit. It is the fruit of your born again spirit. Therefore, your relationship with God is more important

#LoveCode 11
Wisdom is a fruit of the spirit.

#LoveCode 12
100% commitment but 100% sincerity

#LoveCode 13
Successful Relationships are possible. Fix your thoughts into accepting that successful relationships are very possible.

#LoveCode 14

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