April 9, 2023



We can not understand the gravity of sin until we understand two things:

– The utter helplessness of man
– The total sovereignty of God

He also elucidated on the metaphors for sin in the Bible:

– Sin is a debt. Matthew 6:12
– Sin is a weight. Genesis 4:13
– Sin is a stain. Isaiah 1:18

– The only thing that can give us access to the scroll (eternal life) mentioned in Revelations 5:1-6 is the lamb that was slain and its blood.

– When it comes to the devil, our number one defense is the blood because it is what marks us as “touch not”

– Our efforts will never be enough. Our only assurance is THE BLOOD!

The blood of Jesus is a double payment for our sins!
Glory!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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