May 8, 2022

Creative Miracles

Creative Miracles

Creative miracles happen when you bring the supernatural into the natural so extraordinary things can be accomplished.

Learn to think like Jesus. Jesus expects us to expect miracles. Since when did it become a problem when you can’t carry enough bread? Learn to expect the miraculous every time.

Never plan with scarcity. Never say you don’t have.
It is counterproductive to always try to get people to be sympathetic with you.
People like to partner with something potential to succeed. 2 Cor 3: 5

4 simple areas to expect creative miracles.
🔥 Speed Isaiah 66:8
🔥 Supernatural creativity
🔥 Supernatural wisdom
🔥 Supernatural multiplication

How to walk in creative miracles.
1. Sleep. This way, your mind allows your spirit to work. You see the creative power of God when you are at rest. Everything God has created is sufficient enough to do anything.

2. Thanksgiving- This is a powerful principle of multiplication.

3. Take action. It doesn’t have to be dramatic for it to be supernatural.

4. Charge yourself.

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