January 29, 2023

Contagious Faith

Contagious Faith

Contagious Faith

God has called you light meaning you are not only to stand out but also to be the ‘standard’ and for you to have Contagious Faith, God wants you to build both your solid and viral convictions.

Here are four building blocks to Contagious Faith i.e. a faith that can stand in spite of being in an environment of contradiction:

🤍 Revelation Knowledge – Ephesians 1v17. We’re in an era where the world is full of information; there is a lot of information competing for your attention. However, God beyond information will have you have revelation. There’s a difference between information and revelation. Information is for knowing while Revelation is for seeing and doing. If you’re going to be rooted and grounded, you must have the scope of revelation and this can be achieved by:
-Studying the word of God in depth.
-Investing your time and attention in the word of God.

🤍 The Holy Ghost – Ephesians 5v18.
-You can not have revelation knowledge but by the Spirit, 1 Corinthians 1 v 7 – it is by the Spirit we have revelation.
-Colossians 3 v 17 – Learn to walk in the consciousness of the Holy Ghost.
If you have not learnt to use your supernatural advantage, you will still live an ordinary life.
-Learn to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. When you have promptings, investigate them, do not ignore them.

🤍 Prayer – Jude 1 v 20 – 21.
-Prayer is God’s strategy for the preservation of your soul.
-One of the ways to know that your faith will stand the test of time is by prayer Luke 22 v 31-32.
-Prayer strengthens and solidifies your faith and conviction.
-Prayer must be a part of your daily schedule
-Ephesians 6v13 – When you pray, you are taking the shield of faith and quenching the fiery darts i.e. not an attack on your health, business or ministry but on your faith.

🤍 Boldness – Acts 4 v 31.
-Anointing works for the bold.
-If you keep hearing from God and you don’t do, you’ll see very little result
-You must learn to have firm convictions and to hold on boldly to the word of God.

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