April 18, 2021

Colours Of Grace – Rainbow

Colours Of Grace – Rainbow


There is a sense of confidence we have when we feel we’ve not sinned in days. Luke 18:9-14 explains the disposition of some of us.

Though we don’t pray this way, we feel this way. It is humility to reckon that the salvation Christ brought o you, you need. There is another group of people, who are scared by the rule of accountability. They just want to do bad all by themselves.

Really, you must have restraints in your life to avoid self-destruction. In Gen. 6:1-8, we see that everyone that has a weak martial value will see everything fall apart. The flood is not the destruction of mankind, but the preservation of mankind. When we see the rainbow we must remember man’s moral extremes, especially sexual extremes, and God’s sovereign intervention to save mankind. Gen. 9:12. Everything you do neglecting the normal use of the opposite sex is wrong.

We like the pleasure without the responsibility or the intimacy and God abominates that. The rainbow remembers us of not just the mercy of God but the justice of God. In 1 Cor 6, Paul was going to deal with the issues of sexual extremes and this is the approach he uses a court approach.

Just because something is technically legal, does not make it spiritually right. You have to embrace the wisdom of God. God is not trying to be extreme. He is not out of time. It is true that homosexuality is a sin, but you know what else is a sin, it’s homophobia. It is a sin to see people outside of the provision of God for their salvation. Here’s how to deal with sexual extremes; The natural man is broken! And, that you were born with a propensity doesn’t make it legitimate. Even if we were not born sinners, we were born with the propensity to sin. We are all broken. We can’t always go by how we feel.

There has to be a standard above us; a standard above our feelings. From a biblical and logical standpoint, this is the proper perspective. Another thing that has made people think that there is no way out of this other than allow people to do what they want to do is cultural and religious pressure that you must get married. If you are not attracted, then it’s okay to stay single!

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