April 25, 2021

Colours Of Grace – Coat Of Many Colours

Colours Of Grace – Coat Of Many Colours

If you were to use human intellect to understand the gospel, it would hardly make much sense. The knowledge that we can have eternal life through the death of one man defies all human understanding, but it is the perfect example of the providential favor of God.

You see, the salvation plan was never a last-minute avenue, but it was a laid-out plan thought of by the Father. Doesn’t that sound amazing? To know that we were at the forefront of God’s mind Ephesians 1:4.

Before we knew we needed saving, God provided us a savior, this is the providence of God. Despite our many transgressions, God decided to call us His very own people, drawing us to Him. Romans 9:25. This is the perfect picture of the love of God. You are God’s beloved.

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