December 22, 2021

Christmas Carol Service – Down To Earth

Christmas Carol Service – Down To Earth
From the events that surrounded the birth of Jesus, it is glaring that there’s something spectacular about him. And at a time like this, we really must investigate what that special thing about Jesus is.
Phil 2:5-8 When we say, Down to earth, we mean 2 things;
1. The incarnation 2. The humility of the incarnation.
What is special about Jesus?
Isa 9:6 1. He’ll be called wonderful; meaning that he’ll be miraculous in his birth, understanding & compassion.
2. His name shall be called Miraculous.
3. He’ll be called Counselor; to come from above. Isa 28:29, Heb 1:2-3
4. The mighty God. The everlasting father.
You see, Jesus is not just a man or a baby. He is God, we cannot deny his deity. He is Emmanuel, God in the form of man dwelling among us. Lk 20:40-44, Isa 7:14

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