February 23, 2020

Building Happy Homes

Building Happy Homes

Proverbs 24:3. Proverbs 3:13. Wisdom represents the capital asset that builds a godly home, and wisdom is powered by understanding. Marriage is an act of obedience to God and an act of selfless service to a fellow man. It is a covenant act and the goal is to exemplify God to the world.

You don’t own your marriage you are just a privileged steward of the love of another child of God. The paradox is your happiness doesn’t come from pursuing your own happiness but from pursuing the happiness of the other person. God is always the focus and staying in his will keeps you fulfilled.

Genesis 1:28. According to this scripture, marriage is God’s secret for earthly dominion. The problem with so many of us is that we are need-driven rather than purpose-driven. That is why you see people make permanent decisions in temporary situations. Luke 10:38-42.

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