December 13, 2020

Apostolos – LAG Day 3 – How To Catch Men

Apostolos – LAG Day 3 – How To Catch Men


The same way there’s a training in catching fishes (Matthew 4:18), there’s a training in catching men.

First, you need to see yourself as a gift of God to the world. That’s the mindset to have!

The best gift you can give anyone is to secure their place in heaven.

And don’t think there’s no competition in this; it is a competition. You need to compete for the hearts of men.

Don’t look away while the devil is deceiving people.

Four things to catch men:

1. Confident spirituality:

Before you set out, stay in the secret place and spend quality time with God. This will help you grow spiritually and gain confidence.

2. Preparation

Don’t be hasty. Stay, let yourself grow before you set out to catch men.

3. Wisdom

You can’t catch men without wisdom. There are ways to present the truth and only wisdom in Christ can teach you those ways.

For example, if you were to share a tweet about the gospel, sometimes the character limits may not be enough and if you use it anyway, you can push people back. You need wisdom to explain the truth properly.

4. Love

Walk in love. Let people feel your love. And the most important way to show your love, amongst many other ways, is evangelism.

So even though you show love in terms of giving to people, make sure you preach the gospel to them.

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