December 13, 2020

Apostolos – LAG Day 3 – Creative Miracles

Apostolos – LAG Day 3 – Creative Miracles

Sermon Title: Creative Miracles
Acts 3:1-13

Your flow in the miraculous is not dependent on your moral excellence even as important as moral excellence is.
Your emphasis should be on Christ and His finished works.

When your emphasis is on all that Christ has done, it makes all the difference.

It is not of your sufficiency but if you don’t move, God will not move.
It’s not by your ability but there is a responsibility.

Sufficiency is a mentality.
Our sufficiency is of God and Power is the capital of our kingdom.
When God says ‘ Go’ don’t ask ‘what do I have?’
The ‘Go’ is the capital you need.
The mandate of God is the capital.

When you want to start something, look out for the move of the Spirit
Once there is a move of the Spirit, start acting immediately.

The most important thing when you have a mandate is the MANDATE
There is an unction a mandate carries.
Every prophecy is sufficient in itself.

Stop thinking capital when you have a mandate, THINK POWER

In our Kingdom, Talk is not cheap.
When you are before Goliath, don’t talk experiences, talk POWER.

Creative miracles don’t happen by chance. There is a vocabulary.
You have to say it.

Don’t let human intelligence limit the power of God in your life
Open your spirit to possibilities.

When you read that Jesus fed thousands with a few loaves and fish don’t just see it as a one-time miracle.
Let it stir faith within you for possibilities and miracles.

You can’t walk in creative miracles if you despise the little you have.
Start and watch it increase
When God says ‘GO’, take the step!

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