December 12, 2020

Apostolos – LAG Day 2 – Corporate Anointing

Apostolos – LAG Day 2 – Corporate Anointing

The Corporate Anointing.

Acts 17: 28 – tells us that we are God’s offsprings. God does not depend on us humans for anything. Neither does the Lord does not dwell in temples made with hands (Acts 7:57). We cannot build a temple for the God who created the heavens and earth. (2 Chron 6:18-20)

By the Holy Spirit, Now we have become the address of God. We are God’s dwelling place (Gal 3:5, Eph 2: 21). Together we are temples and individually, we are temples. The beautiful things in the old testament were a foretaste of our actual reality. The capacity of what we carry within is way bigger than that in the world.

We don’t learn for learning’s sake, we learn for ministry (Eph 4: 11) and we contribute because we are joined by the spirit (Eph 4: 16).
We have a huge role to play and the body of Christ will not grow until we play our parts.
Until we realize how the body of Christ is meant to function, we will live below potential.

Elijah was a man like us. If we pray as Elijah did, we would get even better results. The experiences of the people of the old testament should challenge us. (James 5:17)

Each one of us has individual ministries. We all have the power to manifest in the Spirit at the same time. This is corporate participation. 1 Chron 14: 26

Discernment comes before actions. We have the ability to do both and more. You will never know you have something until you use it. The gifts of the spirit have been given for ministry. If you do not do ministry, your walk with God will suffer. A principle to thriving spiritually; Find someone to disciple. Romans 1: 11(NKJV).

In every part of the Bible where believers prayed together, there were extraordinary results. Don’t let your grades dwell dormant. Utilize every opportunity to pray with believers. Acts 4, 6 The power that rose Jesus from the dead, resides in us. What will you do with it?

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