December 5, 2020

Apostolos – ABJ Day 2 – True Impact via Angelic Ministry

Apostolos – ABJ Day 2 – True Impact via Angelic Ministry


1. In the realm of the spirit, it matters what you see.
You need to create the right environment and surround yourself with the right people.

2. Who are Angels?
Scriptures define them as created spiritual beings. In fact, they were the first beings to be created
Psalm 148:1

3. Angels are ministering spirits sent forth to serve those who are heirs of Salvation.
You have angels ready to do the bidding of God on your behalf.

4. When you see or hear the supernatural in operation in people, believe it, honour it, and it’ll rub off on you.

5. To walk in something that is your inheritance in the realm of the spirit, you have to open yourself to it.

6. Angels are an indication of God’s love for us. He wants Angels ministering to us to be an active reality.

7. It takes simple faith to be assisted by angelic help; it’s called supernatural negotiation.

8. You can activate angelic intervention by entertaining strangers, the election of grace, knowledge of the ministry of Angels, and sheer desire.

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