December 5, 2020

Apostolos – ABJ Day 2 – True Impact – Tongues

Apostolos – ABJ Day 2 – True Impact – Tongues

Your perspective of the Church must correspond to the way God designed it; view it through his lenses and approach it the Bible way. (Matt 16:18, Mk 16:15-17) Let your heart embrace God’s provision and design; His plan & design is that everyone in the Church participates in charismatic ministry. The church of Jesus Christ is a tongue-speaking church. Decide not to have it any other way. (1 Cor 1:1-6) Speaking in tongues is a confirmation of the testimony of Christ. Every other miracle existed before the Redemptive work except speaking in tongues, it is only possible because Christ is glorified. (Act 2:32-33, Act 2:4)


3 things to know about tongues 1. It can be controlled. (1 Cor 14:32) 2. It is not done in human languages. (Act 2:17, 1Cor 14:2,6-19) If tongues were done in human languages, there would be no need for the gift of interpretation of tongues. 3. We can all do it together. (1Cor 14:27) Speaking in tongues is the best anti-depressant. Speak in tongues more. Use tongues to your advantage, it is for your spirit, body, and your mind. Give your spirit expression through tongues. To function more in revelation gift, pray more often in the spirit.

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