January 8, 2022

Apostolic Visit Ibadan – Day 2 Noon – Areas For Change

Apostolic Visit Ibadan – Day 2 Noon – Areas For Change
Aspects of our lives that need transformation:
Text: 2Tim3:1-7
1. Relationships: In all your getting, develop wisdom for your relationship as it is primarily your responsibility. Don’t just pray for a good marriage; plan for it, develop people skills and learn to be accountable.
2. Finances: You cannot build sustainable wealth without prudence. Read beyond the Bible, save up, learn new things to create more opportunities for financial growth. Prov6:6-11
3. General Knowledge: Don’t be petty, apologize well, strive to be exceptional at work, get educated.
4. Health: Drink water. Don’t see rest as something that takes you from work, but as something that helps you to work.
Finally, whatever you need to do to be who you need to be, you can do by the Spirit of God in you.

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