January 12, 2022

Apostolic Visit Abuja – Three Uncommon Secrets in Prayer

Apostolic Visit Abuja – Three Uncommon Secrets in Prayer

Three (3) Uncommon Secrets in Prayer

1. CONCENTRATION – if you learn to concentrate in your prayer life, It will multiply the results of your prayer in an astronomical way. The biggest attack on prayer in this generation is low attention span. Prayer requires the investment of your emotion & alertness – “watch & pray”. Keep the image of God in your spirit, don’t lose focus. Master the art of concentration if you want to carry a presence in your life. As a child of God, investigate every thought, you might just be seeing a vision; it is God who works in you both to will & to do. If you spend too much time on trivialities, it will replace the place of vision in your life.

2. CORPORATE PRAYER – every time people held hands and prayed together in the Bible, without fail, something miraculous happened. There’s a dimension of power attainable only by the prayer of unity. Do this not religiously but because you understand the efficacy of it. It is noteworthy that Jesus emphasized corporate prayer in how he taught the disciples to pray.

3. Agreement in Prayer. Corporate prayer is a type of prayer, agreement in prayer is a heart of prayer. 1Pet 3:7 Love opens you up to a different depth of anointing. We must pray corporately with love in our hearts. 1Tim 2:8 If you want the anointing to flow like never before, love one another like never before. Have genuine connections, not fickle ones.

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