January 26, 2020


True discipleship thrives on repetition (Phil. 1:25). Emphasis is very important for growth. The reason why there is a lot of inconsistency in believers is that many times, we know enough in our head but they have never settled in our hearts.

Phil. 4:10-14. Contentment is something to learn. It is not the natural propensity of man to be contented. One of the worst lies the devil can sell to you is the idea that your satisfaction is in your future. There are two major problems with lack of contentment:

1. Things never satisfy. If you think getting things will make you satisfied, you will never be okay. It is a very frustrating way to live – to base your satisfaction on things.

2. You will never “arrive.” Sooner or later, you will learn that you just have to learn contentment. You can appreciate the future while you enjoy the present, that’s God’s will for your life.

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